Alegria to Baños

Expedition 7 Day ride

The LLanganates have many legends and stories of treasure hunters; When Ruminahui the last general of the Empire Inca noticed that the Spaniards had killed his King Atahualpa, he ordered that the Incas treasures be hidden in the LLanganates. Valverde's gold book refers to ancient maps of these hidden treasures. 

Whilst from the Andes it may it appear that the valleys of the west mountain are inaccessible, the chagras and inhabitants of the foothills have their cattle in the mountains, which makes it possible to find steps and trails that have been used by explorers, treasure hunters and adventurers in search of the unknown.

Our trip begins by entry into the eastern cordillera and crosses the Cotopaxi National Park and LLanganates. Riding by the high Andes over 5 days, we will admire a multitude of mountains and volcanoes, and traverse uninhabited mountainous regions resulting from severe weather and terrain. It is impressive to see the number of irrigation canals from the lagoons and water sources, which after traveling tens of kilometers are used for irrigation in the valleys. After 6 years of exploring and crossing this mountain range, we have been able to establish an attractive route that enables us to cross the mountains in record-time to reach the area of Banos, a tourist hot-spot famous for its hot springs, as well as the special location of Banos at the skirt of the ‘Mama Tungurahua’, an active volcano since 13 years ago, where there may be the opportunity to witness some volcanic activity. From here and at west we will be able to admire the Chimborazo volcano, which is the highest mountain of Ecuador 6300 meters high. 


The ride requires good physical condition and adaptation to high altitude, as well as the ability to mount and dismount from your horse and walk short lengths. This ride is for experienced riders only, and we recommend at least two days of aclimatization prior to the ride. The ride includes 7 days of horseback riding and seven nights with all meals, as well as the transportation in vehicle from Banos to Hacienda La Alegria.    

DATES 2014

15-20 January

11-19 February

12-20 April

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