How to get to Hacienda La Alegria

Arrange a Transfer

Hacienda La Alegria can arrange a transfer for you if you reserve in advance. We offer transfer services to and from the Hacienda to Quito or the Airport. Round trip from Quito up to 3 guests for 45.00 USD and more than 3 guests for 65.00 USD.  One way from or to Quito up to 3 guests for 25.00 USD and 45.00 USD more than 3 guests.  One way from the airport up to 3 guests for 40.00 USD and more than 3 guests 65.00 USD.  If you are traveling in a larger group or need a transfer somewhere other than Quito or the Airport let us know.

By Car

From Quito take the Simon Bolivar highway towards the south, once you reach the town of Tambillo continue south and take a right at the turn-off towards the Santo Domingo/Coast highway. Drive for 2 km towards Sto Domingo  and take a right when you see a hardware store called “Ferreteria el Constructor”, go straight for 1km1/2, you will reach a small town called  Rumipamba, take a left. After 400 mts you will see a large stone arch, turn left through the arch and continue straight until you reach a yellow house which is La Alegria.

By Bus

Buses leave Quito on average every ten minutes and take approximately one hour to Aloag. You should take the Trole Bus in Quito and get off at La Villlaflora Station. In that station you have to take a green bus that says Mejia and get off when you reach Aloag. There you take a white and green pickup truck and tell them you want to go to Hacienda La Alegria. That should be 3.00 usd. All the drivers know where it is.

Ask for Directions


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About our location

We are located just south of Quito, the capital of Ecuador), about an hour's drive. We are ideally situated on the lower slopes of Volcan Corazon (4788m) in the heart of the "Avenue of the Volcanoes", a spectacular valley dividing the eastern and western ranges of the Andes. From the garden of the hacienda you can enjoy breathtaking views across the valley to the extinct volcanos: 

  • Viudita (3760m), 12464 feet
  • Corazon (4788m),15705 feet
  • Ruminahui (4712m) 15455 fee
  • Pasochoa (4250m). 13950 fee
  • Illiniza Sur (5263m) 17262 feet
  • The highest active volcano in the world. (Cotopaxi 5897m) 19342 feet
  • Antizana (5753m)18870 feet