Chagras Parade & Cotopaxi

10 days on horse July 15-28

The Ride

The Around Cotopaxi + Chagra
Parade Ride is offered once a
year in July when the town of
 Machachi has its annual Parade.
It is a 14 day ride which follows 
the Around Cotopaxi program but
 includes an extra day for the
 Chagra Parade. This Parade is a commemoration of Cotopaxi`s
 last eruption and about 2000
Chagras participate by horse. This
 ride is specifically designed for
 those looking for a cultural immersion and adventure. On the first days riders will have the opportunity to acclimatize to the altitude, weather and importance of the Chagra not only in Machachi but in Ecuador as well. Chagras come from different provinces just to be part of this parade and spectators come from all over the country. At the bagging of the trip we will also visit an indigenous market where riders will have the opportunity to see animals, crops and handicrafts as well as the chance to do some shopping. A nice day at the old city of Quito makes a more complete idea about Ecuador.


15-28 July AC+chagras parade