6-8 day Program 5-7 day ride

Hacienda La Alegria is located south of Quito in the verdant valley of Machachi. As it is surrounded by eleven volcanoes, this region is referred to as “The Volcano Avenue”.

Uniquely, the only form of transportation during your trip will be your horse. They will be your partner throughout this adventure. We will thoroughly explore and experience the grandeur of the Andes.
The first day of your trip is designed for you to get used to the altitude and the new ecosystem as well as choose your horse and be introduced to the chagras’ lifestyle (local cowboy).

Indeed, you will come to appreciate the tradition and customs of the chagras’ abilities in La Alegria. In their goat-skin chaps and woollen ponchos, they welcome tourists and demonstrate their centuries-old tradition of herding cattle. The chagras’ skill on horseback and knowledge of the Andean paramo are legendary.***As an optional extra two day ride before the regular trip begins, we offer a ride through the narrow cloud forest paths, surrounded by literally thousands of plant and animal species. One can’t help but be amazed by the sheer biodiversity of this area.
At the mountains

As we ride through the Andes Mountains, you will experience a diversity of geographical landscapes and climates. Be prepared for a period of intense equatorial sun followed by chilly Andes’ wind—all within the space of a few hours. The locals say that the highlands experience all four seasons within the same day.We cross extensive farmland; with our sturdy and well-trained horses we climb to altitudes exceeding 11,000 feet (3900m) and ride down to hidden valleys, where we are able to experience the Andes mountains. Long after our return to Hacienda La Alegria and the end of our journey, our memories of this rugged but beautiful world will linger as a life-time ride.
At this ride we have the opportunity to ride at the Quilotoa crater lake area, this is a unique experience that is accomplish by the rugged terrain that is around the volcano terrain.



Arrive to the Hacienda and ride at the paddock to get acquainted with the horses and tack that we will use during the ride. Then we ride around the neighboring Haciendas. Our first experiences at altitude starts this first day. Lunch in the Hacienda house, visit the milking barn and aging cheese cave, and enjoy the hot tub and fireplace.
Accommodations: Hacienda La Alegria
Riding hours: 4 hours


We will start the ride an hour south of Hacienda La Alegria and begin our adventure south of the Ilinizas Volcanoes. We will observe a less agricultural and drier ecosystem always accompanied by friendly locals eager to help travellers. We will observe small farms with a variety of crops and a few dairy cows. The rough conditions of the land have forced small farmers to move to cities for temporary jobs until the time of harvest. We will ascend from the small valley to the ridge with scenery of rock peaks and mountains that make up the Quilotoa volcano.

We will also observe dozens of canyons flowing into a large one that was formed by the Toachi River during the eruption of the Quilotoa volcano. We will ride along ancient mule tracks, which were used for hundreds of years by the Incas, colonists, alcohol smugglers, and merchants. Nowadays its use is almost entirely by the local farmers. We stop on the way for lunch and then continue our ride until we find a tiny town called Insilivi, composed of two main streets and about 50 houses. Here we will find a comfortable hostel to spend our first night at the mountains. After freshening up we will have the option to walk a few blocks and see the valley from a viewpoint that will allow us to observe the arrival points for the next few days. At the hostel we will be able to enjoy a hot tub and steam room, a delicious dinner and rooms with a fireplace.

Accommodations: Inn at Insilivi
Riding time: 4- 5 hours


Today we will continue ridding down the path to the Toachi River and Canon. It is hard to understand how these paths were built hundreds of years ago. They go up high in the mountain ridge and are used by the small farmers to transport water by mules and donkeys to their farms. We will see a very rural landscape mostly with subsistence agriculture. As we make our way to the canon we will appreciate the geographical barriers that the canon walls create between the small towns forcing locals to travel for hours. People still talk about the old gold mines that were here in times of the Spanish colonization. we will make our way up to the Hacienda San Jose which is located at a higher point and looks like an oasis because of its trees and green pastures, after lunch we continue the ride to Hacienda San Gabriel (part of San Jose), we will have a impressive scenery from the mountain and at the afternoon we will have the opportunity to have a sun set with a nice view to the west, were the sea is at 140 kilometers. We will have a delicious dinner and lead our horses to graze in the pastures at night.


Today we continue our way toward the western mountain chain. As we ride we will enjoy the view of the eastern chain where the Illinizas volcanos predominate. We will ascend to the edge of the mountain range, which on a clear day allows us to appreciate an endless horizon up until the coastal area. We will pass by ancient observation points called “pucaras” which were built by the Incas in the two ranges of the Ecuadorian Andes to protect the empire. As we descend we will stop by at one of the artisanal cheese factories. Here we will learn about cheese making, the local traditions, culture and their lifestyle. We will then arrive to Chugchilan, a small town with important tourist activity based on the beauty and popularity of the Quilotoa Volcano and its canons. At night we will enjoy a lovely dinner and stay at the Inn, that is well recognize as a eco-logde
Accommodations: Inn at Chugchilan BLACK SHEEP INN
Riding time: 4 hours


Today is a special day because our goal will be to reach the great volcano with its unique emerald blue lagoon that was formed at its crater. We will descend to one of the canons and then ascend to the edge of the volcano, which is a part of the ride, which we assure, will leave you speechless for several minutes. We will ride for an hour and a half following the path at the edge of the crater, until we reach hostel along the edge of the crater.  After leaving the horses and freshening up we will have the chance to walk towards the edge of the crater and explore the lake. After dinner we will spend the night at one of the accommodation.


After breakfast and a visit to the viewpoint of the lagoon, we will be transferred by car back to Hacienda la Alegria (2.5 hours) where we will prepare our way back to your next destination.
from 4 riders to 10 riders.
* excludes transfers to airport, Quito tax, local taxes and tips