Shares his elegant looks and independent spirit with namesake Fandango.
He loves to be in the lead, has plenty of energy and is a feisty character.
He has a beautiful gait and is a joy to ride.

Breed Weight Height Shoe size Year of birth
Arabian Gait cross  720lb / 327kg 27 2006
  1. Sylvie Forestier says:

    I will never forget this beautiful and friendly horse. I had such a great time riding him in July 2013. I hope I can come back one day and go riding again with the lovely Fandanguito.

  2. Ah Fandanguito … me gusto, me gusto. Fandanguito gave me my favorite ride. I rode him my last day at la Algeria …. His trot is something I will revisit in my dreams …. floating on air. He also has a lovely canter and an exuberant way of moving. He is beautifully schooled and definitely enjoys being at the head of the parade. An absolutely sweet experience on his back. Thank you Fandanguito.

  3. Jacky Fayolle says:

    Me recuerdo muy bien de ese caballo que monté una vez durante una cabalgata cerca de la hacienda La Alegria, en julio 2014. Es un caballo muy dynamico, vivo y gracioso como un bailaor.

  4. Franrenet says:

    I ride Fandangurto in 2013 and 2014
    I love this horse.
    H’s very Nice and confortable.
    I’ve must plasure to stay with Hill.

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