Packing List

The following is a personal equipment list suggested for MULTIDAY HORSE RIDING TRIPS. Day temperatures can vary considerably in the mountains (65º F during the daytime, 30º F at night). Average temperatures will range in 50’s.


Shirt: Cotton or wool, long sleeved or turtleneck
Sweater: Heavy wool or fleece sweater or vest
Trousers: Full length, wool, blend, or pile or other warm pants.
Underwear: Light-weight (polypropylene) thermal underwear, top and bottom
Headwear: bandana, and sunglasses.
Jackets: Insulated or Gore-Tex mountain parka for rain and wind (important)
Gloves: polypropylene, recommended water proof
Socks: Wool or polypropylene
Footwear: lightweight hiking boots

Cosmetic kit (reduce to minimum)
Sun-blocking lotions +30 and lipstick ointments (important)
Camera extra batteries